Silva Expedition 5-6400/360 Global Compass

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The Expert SILVA compass with a global needle. The Silva Expedition 5-360/6400 is for experienced users and professionals. With the global needle, you don’t have to take the magnetic zones into account - this makes the compass flexible and possible to use all around the world. The 5-360/6400 is high performing when it comes to accuracy, precision and durability.

Additional features include measuring scales for positioning (GPS), graduation in degrees and mils (360/6400), integrated adjuster for magnetic declination, magnifying lens and rubber feet for precision map work. The compass has a luminous graduation ring and markings for compass reading in the dark. Once activated by daylight/flashlight it will give light up to 4 hours of light. The included scale lanyard and slope card makes it easier to quickly make a distance judgement of your route or to plan your route in advance.


  • Scale lanyard - 2 scales, soft and bendable, easy to place directly on to your route on the map
  • Slope card - Calculate avalanche risk, determine how challenging your journey will be
  • Waterproof
  • Global needle - can be used in all three magnetic zones


  • Magnifying lens: Yes
  • Declination adjustment: Yes
  • Declination scale: Yes
  • Clinometer: Yes
  • Night use illuminated ring: Yes
  • Night use illuminated markings: Yes
  • Rubber friction feet: Yes
  • Silva 1-2-3: Yes
  • Other: Scale lanyard

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