Our Story

From a dream to improve issued kit for the military, a business was born. A business that cared about the products being provided to our armed services.


Brigantes originates from the UK outdoor industry, bringing with it the principles of openness, technical expertise and ethical business. An off shoot of a long standing family business, with over forty years of experience building and selling outdoor brands across the globe, Brigantes was conceived to bridge the gap between the Outdoor and Defence industries in order to provide the best equipment and advice possible to the men and women in our armed forces.

Starting in January 2014 Brigantes quickly used its connections and position to build a strong portfolio of brands that wished to engage with the military. This has now grown to a substantial collection of companies who have hugely benefited from the sales achieved through Brigantes’ sales efforts and contracts.

Having achieved incredible growth every year to date Brigantes trades right across the globe but has a continued focus to the UK and Europe.

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